Why Grand Rounds?

Coming to education from another field - I was shocked to hear that some folks don't view us as professionals!! This was a bit hard for me to take since I came from a field that is (and has been for centuries) fodder for millions of jokes - but teachers, they are respected!!

Anyway - after many discussions with colleagues this summer about what our "expertise" is and how do we disseminate it to other educators, my co-moderator Jenn and I have decided to embark on the education profession's equivalent of "Grand Rounds." Our hope is to have educators and professional development folks share the research they are doing or have read about in an effort to increase the knowledge of our profession.

We all belong to various state and national associations, subscribe to numerous journals, attend conferences, and develop our expertise in many areas. This is the space to share and learn from each other!!

So - what have you been reading lately?

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