Google for Educators

I just finished reading Alife Kohn’s new article around research (especially research related to homework) and my musings keep turning into anti-Rush Limbaugh rant. I put down that article and read a great chapter about writing – so while I beat my rant into submission, I wanted to pass along a great resource. I’ll warn that I’m a Google junkie (adore gmail – don’t know how I lived without it – but the new Yahoo! E-mail ain’t too shabby) but I think they’re really going in the right direction with this new site: Not only do they collect some of their better services into one location, they offer instructional examples, and training and certification. I can’t wait to become Google certified! (certifiably Google?)

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Theresa G said...

Great source! Here is what I love:
1. The on-line collaborative brainstorming!! What a way to use the web 2.0 tools!
2. Google Earth at my fingertips!! Not only can you follow the chimpanzee conservation efforts in Tanzia, you can check out the horrible devestation that our "Surprise!" October snowstorm has brought.

Google has also started "The Literacy Project" - a topic near and dear to my heart!! Check it out and tag it:

Now about this homework debate...