Well - maybe jog!

While I am all for using Web 2.0 tools in our classroom and engaging students in a manner that makes sense (i.e. is relevant to them), I am a bit concerned by Ray Kurzweil's latest predictions for the future:
Actually, we'll hit a point where human intelligence simply can't keep up with, or even follow, the progress that computers will make, according to Kurzweil. He expects that non-biological intelligence will have access to its own design plans and be able to improve itself rapidly. Computer, or non-biological, intelligence created in the year 2045 will be one billion times more powerful than all human intelligence today.

While I'd like to live forever (maybe) and never have to worry about a cold - two other predictions in the article - I'm not sure I am crazy about having my computer be smarter than me. There's just something about losing my personality, my creative juices, my ability to tweak something that leaves me a bit cold. Even though I might be predictable to some, I'd like to think that I am not that predictable that a computer could replicate what I do (only do it better!)

Hmmm...need to ponder more of this one!

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