My turn

I ddin't like my first one but when I hit random. . . this came up. I like the simplicity of it. Plus it demonstrates my clear love of all things Excel.
As an added bonus, check out the video below. About a minute into it, I actually found myself tearing up. The tears fell when he and the women in India appeared. Raw happiness does that to me, I guess!


Jennifer said...

It looks better in high quality on YouTube - be sure to click "watch in high quality".

Theresa G said...

Love the randomness of what you did! I keep thinking about things in my life I can wordle!

And the video!! Wondering what kind of video we can make at C4L this summer!

Wishing that YouTube was not blocked at work - there are so many powerful things we can find there and integrate into learning opportunities!

carol w. said...

Thank you for sharing this amazing video with me. It made me laugh, and it moved me immensely. It's a small world after all!