My Great Escape

Now that I have finally stopped physically traveling and instead spend my evenings in Bejing - I have found some time to play with new technology tools and upgrade some others!! It leaves me constantly in awe of what is available out there to help us collaborate and connect, yet it also makes my work more efficient.

Some recent faves (please be sure to add your own!):

1. The upgrade to delicious!! Careful readers will notice right off the bat that all of the periods have disappeared from the name!! This makes it a bit easier to access but does take all the fun out of it!! And that is the only downside that I can see. I haven't finished exploring all that it can do differently - but I love having an "inbox" for the things that people tag for me right on my screen. I'll post more if I discover anything earth-shattering but in the meantime, you can read what Will Richardson thinks. Oh! And don't forget to join my network and tag something for me (tgray)!!

2. Also enjoying the Beta version of Bloglines that is available - much cleaner way to view my feeds and I can put my favorites on the opening page. Looks a bit more like Google Reader which I like a lot - but don't use much because it is still blocked at work. Certainly worth looking into!!

3. I blame Jenn 100% for my latest addiction - Facebook!! Catching up with old friends, connecting with new ones, creating a flair board like I had in college, throwing sheep - I am having a blast!!

I have more - but I don't want to InfoWhelm as Ian Jukes would say. So - what is your latest technology escape?

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Jennifer said...

I've been making small changes in how I use technology including my filing structure and fine names. I've almost made the switch over to Firefox (LOVE LOVE LOVE the add-ons) but hold onto IE for sentimentality reasons.

My bet new tool is probably the 250G harddrive I got after my tech issues this summer. It sits politely on my desk reminding me to backup and save by its very presence. It's the only pink thing I've ever bought!