Using Tech Tools for Collaboration

I've been experimenting with lots of Web 2.0 tools lately in an effort to make work more efficient.  Given that we have entered assessment season, it is difficult to be in the office and keeping up on things that need to be done.  So I've been searching for tech tools that won't be blocked (at least not yet!) and that will allow our team to get work done.

So far - we have become greatly enamored with GoogleDocs.  With various groups, we have created and edited Word documents in a much easier fashion than in the past.  No more losing the email attachments, needing to write in separate colors for editing/comments, or missing edits in passing emails.  Our Google docs experiments have allowed us to be online at the same time, editing the same document and then saving and printing the final version.  I am hooked and can't wait to experiment with an Excel file next!! (Thanks Jenn for the link!)

We've been working with blogs and wikis since this summer and are pretty happy with what we've done (of course we could always get better!) So I've moved on to trying Podcasting.  So far - I have been unsuccessful but I think that is because I don't have all the tools I need!!  My plan is to start with my adorable two-year old nephew reading aloud No! David!!  to post on my writing blog and then move on to study group conversations and samples of student work analysis.  If I get brave - I'll attempt the YouTube thing when we do the analysis of student work, but not if I'm on camera!!

 Finally - I am trying WriteToMyBlog as we speak.  It seems to be a bit easier to add some of the functions I want then in Blogger, but we'll see after I post.  (Of course, I just noticed that I should have opened it in Mozilla!!) I wish I had more time to play!!


Jennifer said...

Add Skype to your list! It's great!

Theresa G said...

One technology piece at a time Jenn! Let me master this Blackboard thing you have me hooked on! :-)