It amazes me sometimes how Jenn and I can be miles apart yet so common in thought. On Monday, while Jenn was hoping to never grow old, I was listening to Will Richardson and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach speak to regional educators to kick off a year long "virtual learning community."

Will reminded us that education seems to move at 5 mph while other professions move at 75-90-100 miles an hour when adapting to change. He wasn't criticizing teaching, but had a point that we are doing a great job at educating kids for today, but what about tomorrow?

Kids have these tools, they use these tools. It is up to us, as educators, as parents, as aunts - to help them leverage these tools. Like it or not - as Jenn pointed out in her post - we can't dismiss things like Second Life or (gulp!) Twitter. I don't get them - but I can't really figure them out if I don't do more than tip my toe into the technology waters. And I certainly can't prepare students for tomorrow without them.

Jenn talks about getting old - I'm not sure it's an age thing but a lack of awareness and "common sense". Just watch this video of Larry Lessig (creator of Creative Commons)and you'll see what I mean. As Larry says, we made mix tapes, our kids are making mash-ups; we watched tv, our kids are creating tv. The Internet is not just for information anymore - it is for creating, publishing, collaborating. What are you afraid of?


Jennifer said...

I just put out another post to a listserv around an educational trend that I've been following via various Web 2.0 and 1.0 tools. I'm seroiusly doubting any will respond. I wonder if we should change our lion to a wimpering kitten?

Theresa G said...

Cross post here!!

Nothing worth having ever comes easily!!

Jane L. said...

I'm not sure why tech solutions haven't caught on with teachers and other practioners yet. I can only speak for myself, and that's a very small sample. I am truly willing, and getting to be more able. My issue has always been time. As my job responsiblilites increase, it leaves me less time to "play" and learn about the technology. Ultimately, I understand that the technology will help me solve some of the time issues. Your reminding me helps me remember to explore, even if it is somewhat slowly. Thanks!

Having Fun with Technology at Willink and Across the District said...

Just went to a discussion workshop at NYSCATE with Will Richardson. He said BALANCE. You make time by giving up time. But of course you have to want to give up the time to make the the time. It really made sense. If teachers want to incorporate technology, they need to first use the the technology and then decide how to I enrich what I already do with this. Now that I truly understand this. Just a few thoughts on the subject!