How the hell do you get people to dance?

Constant readers of this blog (both of you!) will recall that Jenn shared the "Where the Hell is Matt?" video with us in June and it is something that sort of set the theme of the summer for me. It really captured the idea that our world is indeed flat, but even more importantly, we can find joy in the smallest of things.

In my feeds today, I ran across the video below where Matt explains how we got people to dance with him using a presentation method called "Ignite": a five minute presentation using 20 slides, each slide advanced automatically every 15 seconds.

There is a lot that I love about the presentation. First, the style which calls into play some real creativity and use of time (21st century skills if I ever heard them!) Second, it was done at a conference called Gnomedex which sound a little like a techie TED conference. And thirdly, the technology and resources that Matt used to make those incredible videos.

Watching Matt in all of the videos, including this one, makes me smile. Of course, Jenn and I convinced some folks to dance with us this summer as well but in a much more low tech and local way. We'll never share that video outside our community but it makes me smile just as much as Matt. How can you get people to dance with you?


Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting this! There's another response to the Ignite video on Presentation Zen.

Angela said...

I love it! I showed Matt at the summer studio AND with teachers opening week. Thank you both for sharing these clips. And in answer to your question, in order to get people to dance with me, I would probably have to go somewhere that encouraged dancing first. I mean other than waiting in line for one of my kids to get out of the bathroom.

Jane said...

Kind of makes you want to jump up and dance, doesn't it?