Making Connections - Creating Alliances

Hard to believe that Jenn and I started this blog on August 21, 2006!!!

We had the best of intentions - bring together professionals to discuss what they are reading, trends in education and share their expertise.  We try to walk a neutral line and post questions rather than answers - although I am sure that some might not read our posts that way.  In short - what we have been trying to do is build a learning network.

Since that first post, we have embarked on using delicious and Twitter and Good Reads and Shelfari and other tools to network and connect with others.  We have been pretty fortunate to build a great personal learning network - both of local/regional folks and those who we hope to meet some day.  (I hope I am not putting words in Jenn's mouth but she will be sure to tell me in the comments!)

But despite it all - I have been a bit disappointed that we haven't had more "conversations" via this blog.  Granted - we haven't been all that faithful about posting, but it can be pretty lonely when it feels like no one is listening.  Or pushing back.  Or asking more questions.  Or sharing.

So I was very excited to read a post from a fellow blogger about creating an "alliance."  At first blush, I have to admit that the very word scares me.  When someone says alliance I think about Survivor and all the amazing things that people did to try and win that game - the back stabbing, the switching alliances, the carrying of undeserving people to the finals. (Did I mention that we try to remain neutral?)  But as I read on, and read all the links, I became very intrigued.

So of course, I signed us up!!

It isn't about getting more traffic to the site or winning any awards or making any money - that has never been the intent of our blogging.  It is about reaching out to other edu-bloggers, supporting them, having them support us and expand the learning network we have created.  We are looking for questions and more questions, not pats on the back or atta-girls.  But an open, honest and professional conversation about education.

So - join our alliance or create your own. Connect. Question. Share.

Grand Rounds in Education.


Jennifer said...

What a great idea! How do we want to go about strengthening said alliances?

Mrs. Tenkely said...

I wondered how many would be uncomfortable by the "alliance" wording. I'm glad you read on! It sounds like at the heart of Grand Rounds, you are working toward the goal of getting the conversation going for the support of educators everywhere and to build up education. This is exactly my purpose in starting the alliance, there are some great ideas about changing education that aren't getting heard or discussed. It is time that we come together, support each other, and create a network that, together, can do amazing things.
Thank you for joining and I look forward to the enriching conversation that is sure to ensue.